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ID Fine

I am the agent for ID Fine Hotel Porcelain for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Benelux, Portugal, the Nordic region and Malta. ID Fine is the recently formed HoReCa division of the Porser Porcelain company in Kutayha, Turkey.

Manufacturing in a totally new dedicated 40m Euro modern plant, using the latest hotel porcelain manufacturing technology, ID Fine provides a great RELEVANCE within their portfolio.

A vast collection of very on-trend decorations to enhance a wide variety of foodservice concepts, addressing the current need and desire of eclectic table settings as well a creative plain white option too.

Producing a very strong and durable totally fit for purpose hotel porcelain body with a tremendous price – value for money ratio, ID Fine is the ideal choice for hotels, restaurants, caterers, in fact anywhere within the HoReCa industry that offers plated dining service.

With ID Fine, you have the opportunity to create your own unique concept for your
restaurant. Rather than being limited to a single, pre-selected collection of tableware, you can choose from a variety of pieces to create your own custom look. This not only allows you to express your personal style and vision, but it also gives you the flexibility to change your concept as trends and preferences evolve.

But mix and match collections aren‘t just great for creating a unique dining experience,
they can also be a smart investment.

With ID Fine, you can update the look of your restaurant with just a few key pieces, rather than investing in a whole new collection. This means you can keep your restaurant current and on-trend with less investment.

Roy Kirkham & Co. Limited

We are the official agents for the global HoReCa sector for Roy Kirkham & Co. Limited. Creating elegant fine bone china at its Staffordshire factory since 1970, Roy Kirkham Fine Bone China is steeped in the rich heritage of English ceramics.

Their range of beautifully crafted fine bone china items for luxury hospitality dining includes a full range of articles including mugs, teacups, holloware, dinnerware and accessory articles.

Whether it be one of the numerous standard decorations, a bespoke solution or elegant plain white articles, Roy Kirkham Fine Bone China is fully prepared to help provide you with the appropriate solution.

Please feel free to contact us as we will be very pleased to assist you should you require product details, a catalogue, quotation, or help and guidance/consultancy on achieving a fine bone china tableware solution for your business.


Since 1990, Cermer has been the world’s leading company in innovation and production capacity for ceramic food packaging containers. They created ceramic containers for the food industry and during this three decades of innovation they have reached an extraordinary respect and passion for ceramics and nature; serving clients all over the World, from the West Coast of the United States to Australia.

Based in Spain in a region with whose ceramics heritage dates backs 3,000 years, ceramics production techniques have been improved while keeping their natural character and specific low impact on the environment.

A perfect ally of a Circular Economy.

Everything starts with the clay, a humble soil material that is found abundantly in the environment. Cermer containers are a non-polluting inert material with a low carbon footprint that complies with the strictest European and US regulations. They consist of three natural elements and are the result of the interactions and relationships between: Fire, Soil, and Water. The containers are produced mixing soil and water. Cermer has been able to adapt an ancient artisan pottery activity to the exigent requirements of the food industry.

In each jar, ramekin or dish lives the Mediterranean identity.

Cermer containers are the result of centuries of migrations along the Mediterranean Sea. The weather, the orography and the pace of life were the seed to originate a strong ceramics culture that has lasted over time to the present day… and beyond.

The main component of Cermer containers is clay, a simple pure raw material and abundant natural resource extracted from quarries located in a ceramic hub of the Iberian Peninsula. After the extraction, which has a very low carbon footprint impact, quarries are naturalized and transformed into wetlands, beautiful landscape, and watering points for animals.

Their stunning long-life containers are totally reusable, they are dishwasher, oven, freezer, and microwave safe; are also easily recycled in a very simple process; with roadbuilding, construction, brick production and tennis courts being just some of the industries that re-use the residue material.

After 30 years of successfully supplying the food packaging industry Cermer have decided to launch 3 collections into the HoReCa Tableware sector. Their product is an ideal and sustainable accessory solution to so many types of foodservice and restaurants operations ranging from dips and sauces to side dishes, tapas, desserts, vegan food, breakfast portions, yoghurts, drinks, buffet and so much more…

In fact, many restaurant operators who have purchased food products packaged in Cermer ceramic pots have continued to use them in their operation.


ArdaCam is one of the major spinning handmade glass manufacturers and decorators in Europe & collaborates with most of the leading brands on the retail Markets in 105 countries.

With 33 years’ experience behind them they are launching their own exciting HoReCa collection, creating and offering designs that supports the pieces of art that chefs and the chefs at heart around the world create. They want to develop themselves and their products in line with the principles of sustainability and are very focused on having a sensitive approach to making an environmentally friendly production.

Their focus & pride is firmly on developing innovative and creative designs and shapes with a difference. In HoReCa individuality can be critical and most necessary.

ArdaCam’s production facility, located in Istanbul, is built on an area of 20,000m2, it provides employment for 400 people and uses highly innovative technology supported by sizeable progressive investment for future development.

Their products are made using the Spinning method. As molten hot glass is taken into a mould and rotated around the axis of the mould , the glass takes shape in the mould. The spinning method has been widely used for many decades.

ArdaCam offer their products both clear, and with the highly creative coloured effect achieved from the addition of Alabaster.

Why Alabaster?

• Alabaster comes from a soft and translucent stone which is often used for carving. It has been used for many years to decorate artefacts.

• Alabaster colours are special when applied while fusing glass.

• The colours are protected by a layer of glass. There is no contact between the alabaster colour and food or drink.

• Alabaster decorating allows for giving colour to the glass without it losing its transparency. Colours can be mixed creating unique results.

• It is a natural stone, which increases the durability of the product.

• Long lasting and scratch proof decoration.

• Suitable for tableware items.

• Lifetime dishwasher safe guarantee.

• Combination of possibilities to combine with other materials to create spectacular presentation.

Art from the nature around us.

Inspired by the smoke and steam of the dishes cooked and prepared with passion!

Steelwood ConCept

Steelwood Concept designs and manufactures high quality steel and wood products predominantly for the HoReCa sector. Our use of wood is highly prioritised, and we only use Nordic woods and mainly Nordic Oak.

We always use 100% of all wood that we buy – nothing goes to waste, not even sawdust. Even packaging for products is carefully selected for good environmental considerations. Another benefit of Nordic Oak is that it is food-safe and to keep it fresh and the effect active, we use sunflower oil on the oak, which is also food safe.

The new HoReCa catalogue which is released early in 2024 has over 400 items where most of them can be built together for multiple solutions, and provide end users great flexibility, functionality and tremendously effective presentation and serving solutions. Besides the regular portfolio of products, we also offer custom-made products and solutions on a regular basis. We work, advise and/or collaborate with other companies who match our style and profile. An example of this is the newest joint-venture with Growit Green, a new product line which was released mid-February 2023.

In the rural areas of Denmark where nature is in charge and dominates the area with wildlife and farming, we have our company and split out on two locations and within walking distance from each other. The smaller 450m2 workshop houses our development and production of all steelworks. Collectively there is over 75 years of professional experience between the three blacksmiths, Co-owner Ricky Leth, Bo, and Kim. In their mancave of a workshop, good music and funny stories are a daily happening, and it´s always great fun to visit and hear them joke and watch their creative tasks.

In the larger 600m2 workshop, you find our professional carpenter Jacob, who has more than 30 years of experience and you will properly recognise him straight away, since it seems his always are covered in sawdust. The location also facilitates our offices, showroom, meeting rooms and warehouse. Here you find office manager Marianne and if you are lucky, sometimes Toby, the always happy-to-play Labrador. If he is not out on meetings with clients somewhere in Europe, Henrik works from his office here in this building and together with Marianne and Ricky, he handles the day-to-day operations, with the primarily focus on sales and design.

SWC & Growit Green Promotional Video


‘Dare to be different…’ There must be occasions when you are looking for table top, in room, and buffet equipment made to measure to your own unique specifications, that none of your existing suppliers can provide you with.

You may be seeking that point of DIFFERENCE.

We are delighted to be able to provide you with bespoke creations for many areas of your HoReCa operation from the specialist crafts people associated with our supplier partner Accolink.

“The most important gift you can give someone is your time and attention”. 

Choosing from a variety of materials including various woods, metals, marble, slate and glass; and for all levels of the HoReCa sector we can help you more than satisfy your need for the out of the ordinary piece of equipment.

Whether it be serving trays and in room equipment, unique presentation tableware and buffet articles, hotel towels and linen and table top accessories.

SIAK Transfers Ltd

SIAK Transfers are the UK’s leading supplier of quality screen printed ceramic decals and glass decals.

The family-owned company was established in 1993 to serve the world-famous local ceramics market, and is now known throughout the world for its expert knowledge in screen printing techniques for ceramics and glass applications. The company employs an expert team of ceramicists, screen printers and studio operatives. SIAK can analyse and provide tailored solutions for all your decoration needs. SIAK specialises in a wide array of ceramic and glass applications – Ceramic Decals for the Tableware, Hotelware and Sanitaryware markets can be provided to suit any temperature range. Equally, glass decals are printed using both organic inks for baking at low temperatures, and ceramic enamel decals for circa 600 degrees.

Strategi Solutions Group Ltd

Looking for new ways of telling stories through extraordinary imagination, exceptional creativity, rigorous research, and unique solutions?

Strategi Solutions Group Ltd have a wealth of expertise and experience in all things People, Creative and Marketing.

Whether this be social media, branding, website design and creation, HR, culture change or recruitment, Strategi are there to listen and assist.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance or need to take away the weight of challenges on all things People, Creative or Marketing and I will be glad to link you up with the highly professional team at Strategi Solutions.

Esma Dereboy Handmade PorCelain

Esma Dereboy Handmade Porcelain is all hand cast in their wonderful factory in Istanbul using the finest porcelain clays from Limoges.

Using the hand casting method of production, they can produce extremely fine, light, elegant and highly innovative shapes to grace the luxury tables of restaurants and hotels offering finesse, refinement and wanting to present using a point of difference.

All the ranges offer a mix and match possibility.

LegaCy Silverware

Introducing Legacy Silverware, where elegance meets timeless craftsmanship. Our company is dedicated to preserving the artistry and heritage of fine silverware, providing exquisite pieces that transcend generations.

As a leading manufacturer of Sheffield Cutlery, we are truly proud to support British heritage manufacturing. The skills of our team have been passed on through generations where we still employ traditional methods to make our cutlery using only the finest British raw materials and hand polished to perfection.

At Legacy Silverware, we understand the importance of heirlooms and the stories they carry.

All our products can be personalised with a message, names, date, or a company logo as a unique finish for your cherished item.

Today, and carrying on the family tradition, we are bringing the history, legacy, and tradition of classic silver craftsmanship to the modern market and paying homage to its origins via our exciting new brand Legacy Silverware.

Gastro Pionier

Gastro Pionier specialise in sustainable and re-usable products made totally from natural materials and made sustainably in Germany.

The products featured in this post are made from wood and a bio (natural) bonding formula; of which the natural materials are from a sustainable source.

Key ranges include Drinking Straws and Ice Cream Spoons that are sustainable and also re-usable; and are made from wood and a bio (natural) bonding formula, and are a fantastic alternative to plastic and throw away options. Helping to preserve our environment.

Also available are glass drinking straws as well as other re-usable foodservice products.

Rory Dobner Limited

Rory Dobner Limited offer a very different take on fine bone china tableware bringing to life many peoples childhood memories and pet interests in a very creative, refined yet on trend and slightly abstract way.

Already supplying a good deal of leading retail outlets in the UK and other countries Rory Dobner Limited have received crossover demand from the hospitality sector from leading UK chefs and luxury hotels in London, Paris and further afield.

Be suCCessful and enjoy the journey.








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