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I am pleased to announce that I am now the Horeca Agent for Cermer Horeca Sustainable Tableware and will be very pleased to help anyone wanting further information on the product collections. Our official launch date is 15th June 2023.

Since 1990, Cermer has been the world’s leading company in innovation and production capacity for ceramic food packaging containers. They created ceramic containers for the food industry and during this three decades of innovation they have reached an extraordinary respect and passion for ceramics and nature; serving clients all over the World, from the West Coast of the United States to Australia.

Based in Spain in a region with whose ceramics heritage dates backs 3,000 years, ceramics production techniques have been improved while keeping their natural character and specific low impact on the environment.

A perfect ally of a Circular Economy.

Everything starts with the clay, a humble soil material that is found abundantly in the environment. Cermer containers are a non-polluting inert material with a low carbon footprint that complies with the strictest European and US regulations. They consist of three natural elements and are the result of the interactions and relationships between: Fire, Soil, and Water. The containers are produced mixing soil and water. Cermer has been able to adapt an ancient artisan pottery activity to the exigent requirements of the food industry.

In each jar, ramekin or dish lives the Mediterranean identity.

Cermer containers are the result of centuries of migrations along the Mediterranean Sea. The weather, the orography and the pace of life were the seed to originate a strong ceramics culture that has lasted over time to the present day… and beyond.

The main component of Cermer containers is clay, a simple pure raw material and abundant natural resource extracted from quarries located in a ceramic hub of the Iberian Peninsula. After the extraction, which has a very low carbon footprint impact, quarries are naturalized and transformed into wetlands, beautiful landscape, and watering points for animals.

Their stunning long-life containers are totally reusable, they are dishwasher, oven, freezer, and microwave safe; are also easily recycled in a very simple process; with roadbuilding, construction, brick production and tennis courts being just some of the industries that re-use the residue material.

After 30 years of successfully supplying the food packaging industry Cermer have decided to launch 3 collections into the HoReCa Tableware sector. Their product is an ideal and sustainable accessory solution to so many types of foodservice and restaurants operations ranging from dips and sauces to side dishes, tapas, desserts, vegan food, breakfast portions, yoghurts, drinks, buffet and so much more…

In fact, many restaurant operators who have purchased food products packaged in Cermer ceramic pots have continued to use them in their operation.

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